Natural Colors Recreated in Interiors


Beautiful view from great spot in Puerto Rico

Beautiful view from great spot in Puerto Rico

Look at the peaceful scene with cool colors. Even the ocean in the distance creates the hint of invitation. The faded ocean color reminds me of a blue sheer drapery. This feeling can be created within your home’s interior. Most all indoor colors are inspired by colors found in nature. The misty foggy distance made into sheer drapery reproduce the same feeling of fog, mist, mistery. Sheer Drapery can be any color to help create a feeling of a misty morning in a meadow to the off distance ocean, as in this photo. Consider Sheer Drapery when wanting to create a simple peaceful view.

Natural Woven Shades

Beautiful Shades create a warm lighting choice for your kitchen windows

Beautiful Shades create a warm lighting choice for your kitchen windows

With the ability to control the amount of light coming into a room, this long Roman Shade adds a warm touch to this contemporary kitchen. The natural woven material adds texture and detail without a lot of contrasting color. Natural woven materials can also be more loosely woven, to allow a more gentle light into a room, yet keeping the privacy. In the photo below, the sun comes in to leave an interesting texture on the walls, yet still keeping out the full glare of all day sun.


In the bathroom, a shade can be split to allow total privacy at the bottom, and natural light to come in at the top of a window. The natural woven materials are great for bathrooms as they dry quickly and are not as affected by water as some fabrics are.


Does Lining make a Difference in a Drapery?

Lined curtains in a dining room

The Lining in the Dining room Drapery add structure to the fabric.

Lining can really bring out the dimensions of color, shadows and depth and sheen of face fabric. This treatment is created with Trinity blackout lining and English Bump lining. The drapery appears thicker and fuller, richer. It hangs much nicer too, with less chance of wrinkling or folding in weird creases. And, the thicker lining really keeps out the cold on those winter nights.

In the close up photo you can see how the fullness of the fabric brings out the sheen of the fabric, which complements the sheen of the hardware and rings.

lined curtains on a rod

The sheen of the fabric is brought out by the fullness of the lining.

Good lining is important to help create and keep the original color of the fabric also. Now linings come in many colors ranging from white to black and every color in between.

Many Home Owner Associations within communities require linings to be of a subtle color as not to distract from the overall visual feel of continuity to the community.