Does Lining make a Difference in a Drapery?

Lined curtains in a dining room

The Lining in the Dining room Drapery add structure to the fabric.

Lining can really bring out the dimensions of color, shadows and depth and sheen of face fabric. This treatment is created with Trinity blackout lining and English Bump lining. The drapery appears thicker and fuller, richer. It hangs much nicer too, with less chance of wrinkling or folding in weird creases. And, the thicker lining really keeps out the cold on those winter nights.

In the close up photo you can see how the fullness of the fabric brings out the sheen of the fabric, which complements the sheen of the hardware and rings.

lined curtains on a rod

The sheen of the fabric is brought out by the fullness of the lining.

Good lining is important to help create and keep the original color of the fabric also. Now linings come in many colors ranging from white to black and every color in between.

Many Home Owner Associations within communities require linings to be of a subtle color as not to distract from the overall visual feel of continuity to the community.