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      What is your design style? There appear to be over 100 design categories ranging from American, Colonial, Amish, Modern, Baroque, all the way to Zen. Whew! That’s a lot of different opinions to narrow exactly what the client may want. It is best to go with furnishings that you like and not what is trending. Only you have to live with your own design style choices. Whatever your choices, from my house it looks beautiful! (Said by a very smart installer) It is too important and costly to rely on trends that come and go. It is easier to study your favorite chair and furniture styles. The clothes you wear. Where are the places you tend to travel most and are there some cities you seem to travel to 2 or 3 times a year? What about a favorite hotel? Are you the calmest in certain colored rooms? When you are in the mountains lavishing natural earth tones or does the energy of the city really fit your vibe? Do you like a very clean unclutered environment?  Is it Minimalist in it’s style? Follow the you that makes you the happiest. Your home surroundings are the nesting materials that you create for yourself. It should reflect your style. When you have had a bad day within the outside world your home and furnishings allow you to retreat to a restful place to recharge your batteries. The energy that recharges your batteries comes from the feeling of having things you like that speak to or allow you to express yourself. Find the authentic you. Express it! A persons design style doesn’t have to be limited to one category. It can be a blend of alots. Even within your home you may have some rooms that have window coverings that are traditional such as Swags with Jabots and in others you may have modern Solar shades. If the home is large enough, sections of the home can be decorated to accomidate the need to experiment with louder colors and textures.