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      Peaking outside a beautful Window Treatment, what do you see? What is the scenery outside of your window? Is it something you don’t want to see on a daily bases so you cover the window with elaborate treatments to draw the eye to the inside of the room? Or is it so natural and serene outside the window you don’t want to obstruct the view because the view brings you peace? Either way, our windows inside and outside view say a lot about us. Where we chose to live, our fashion choices, what exactly calms us down. Home and business decor has a lot to do with helping us feeling comfortable. Rearranging or update treaments and furnishings helps us feel reborn and alive and refreshed. Considering our lifespans are decades and decades long, it is important to always have the feeling of renewal. Just like Springtime or the Energy of the Seasons.

      Since our view from outside our Windows changes from Season to Season it creates a need to highten or lower or outdoor activities. I consider the Energy of the Seasons as a motovative force. Causes me to get out my gardening gloves in the spring so the view from my window inside reflects lovely colorful blossoms and blooms I can see from out of windows in the office. Helps brighten my day.