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      Frequently Asked Questions

      For your benefit. these are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our custom window covering services catering to Atlanta, Snellvile, Buckhead and blinds in Brookhaven. Contact us for more information and a quote!

      What are some benefits of Custom Window Treatments?
      Best quality construction.
      Better coordination in your home.
      Guaranteed one of a kind custom fabricated items.
      Details make all the difference.
      They just look and hang better.
      More choices in style, fabric, hardware, different type drapery headers and furnishings meet personal style.
      Who chooses custom home furnishings?
      Our clients appreciate the high degree of workmanship and talent and personal attention that is needed to create custom home decor. The discreet customer wants a statement of their own to express in their environment. They appreciate the talent, knowledge, artisanship and experience needed for creating one of a kind items for their homes.
      Why does it take so long?
      Hand crafting artisan details into custom home furnishings is labor intensive. Time is a primary factor of hand made products. Sometimes specialty fabrics must be ordered and received before the fabrication process can begin. The attention to detail makes custom home decor items worth the wait. It normally takes 3-8 weeks from initial consultation to installation and delivery of your products. Size of the project determines the time factor also.
      What is the budget for Custom Treatments?
      Another factor for Custom Drapery, Top Treatments and Soft Home Furnishings is cost. These items use specialty linings, pillow forms, exclusive fabrics that are not always accessible in a store and must be ordered. When working on projects in a Multi room home, the budget can be more because there are more windows and rooms to design for. For smaller homes or living spaces, the requirements can be less therefore budget reflects smaller space design requirements.
      What are you/your business best at?
      The Staff at Sew Cozy Interiors is best at delivering a warm, attentive, knowledgeable accessible experience that will alleviate your design apprehension. Creating home décor for each client is a personal and unique practice that involves time, patience and wide range of knowledge of the Home Décor Industry.
      Where do you provide value?
      We provide a trusting experience to ease any of our client’s trepidations. We listen to the needs of our clients, communicating through rendering programs, photos and in-dept conversations, sharing 14 years of workroom experience and soft furnishings knowledge which is updated on a monthly bases through webinars, professional meetings and classes.
      Who is your target audience?

       Our target clients are consumers that want a personal experience. When furnishing their homes with exclusive Soft FuHome Furnishings, they desire a skilled and knowledgeable artisans. Someone that will devote a lot of time and research to the project. We offer our services to the greater Atlanta area, so if you are looking for shutters in Snellville or Blinds in Brookhaven, we’ve got your covered!

      What do you offer that is unique?

      We are an exclusive drapery workroom, working only for custom clientele. We are smaller; therefore offer fewer clients more accessibility and attentiveness. With smaller numbers of clients, we are able to provide the highest degree of craftsmanship, which is a factor in creating great work for our customers in the greater Atlanta area including Buckhead, Snellville and our work with Blinds in Brookhaven.

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