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      This is the view from a perched landing in Puerto Rico from a trip I took about 10 years ago. Look at the peaceful scene with cool colors. Even the ocean in the distance creates the hint of invitation. The faded ocean color reminds me of a blue Sheer Drapery.  This feeling can be created within your home’s interior. Most all indoor colors are inspired by colors found in nature. The misty foggy distance made into sheer drapery reproduce the same feeling of fog, mist, mystery. Sheer Drapery can be any color to help create a feeling of a misty morning in a meadow. Consider the transparency of this type window treatment when wanting to create a simple peaceful view. Simple, Plain, soft color. 

      Sometimes a Sheer Curtain is all you need. In the Summer time, just a sheer curtain within a open window with the soft breeze blowing into the room invites a moment for you to set back and breathe. The light airy nature of the fabric gives a feeling of openness. Even gives a feeling of freedom and detachment. Nothing else compares or is suited for Spring and Summer for a window fair like this fabric. Misty mornings outside in rural area can have a heavy misty dew. Before it lift away, it seams to invite a walk to think and comtemplate the day or heavy decisions that have to be made in life.