Why choose custom window treatments when there are many ready-made options available?

detailed close-up photo of tassles on custom made drapery

With custom-made, you can get decorative tassles and trims that match your fabric.

  • Best quality construction. We run our own drapery fabrication studio. We personally design and manage every detail of your project. High-end fabrication techniques along with industrial equipment achieve quality products that stand up to time. It is your product but our process that achieves custom goods. Creating one-of-a-kind items takes more than sewing a seam. It takes sewing with the correct thread, linings, fabrics, equipment and materials to create your personal items.

Better coordination in your home. You choose from a wealth of fabrics to find a perfect match with your other furnishings. Individual design styles results in personally customized products. This reflects the one-of-a-kind feature that is Custom.

  • Guaranteed one-of-a-kind. You can be assured that your neighbors will not have identical curtains! You are unique in every way therefore your environment should be also. Distinctive styles, preferences and colors define your tastes. We pride ourselves in developing personal creations especially for the client’s taste.

Details make all the difference. We take the time to add details like trim, cording, and hand finishing that defines quality. Buttons, bows, tassels and microcording are signatures of our added detail to perfection.

  • They just look and hang better. Anyone can spot custom window treatments as soon as they walk into a room. Sew Cozy Interiors choses the lining to complement the fabric for light control and to keep fabric color true.

Custom window treatments can be the single most important element in pulling together your decorating scheme. Our goal is about providing up-to-date window treatments and other home furnishings that will excite you.